Trump is full of himself, not real solutions

prescription drugs like viagra Kelsi Gately go here Staff Writer

marley drug viagra Republican candidate, Donald Trump speaks to thousands at the Pensacola Bay Center. before then buy viagra professional from online drugstore Photo by Kelsi Gately. I am by no means a supporter of Donald Trump, one of the 11 main candidates campaigning to be the Republican nominee for president in the 2016 election. On Wednesday, I attended the Trump rally at the Pensacola Bay Center where he addressed both supporters and non-supporters about why he is right choice to be our nation’s next president. However, I was sadly mistaken to think I would actually hear Trump’s real stance on the issues America faces. Instead, I waited in line for an hour to sit for another hour, to listen to Trump talk about himself and criticize his opponents and the media. I have not been not a Trump fan since he announced he was running, and I was hoping by attending I would change my view. Before attending, I went to Trump’s website and looked at some of his positions to have a better understanding of his views. I agree that we need to have better services offered to our veterans and that we need to work hard to get big business in America instead of outsourcing labor to other countries. But Trump didn’t speak on these issues for all but five minutes of his hour-long speech. I don’t understand why someone would want to vote for someone who doesn’t understand how to make Congress to work together. Congress is the body who makes the majority of the decisions. The President simply proposes what he or she wants to do, and Congress has to vote on it. There were thousands of people who attended the rally, and many were UWF students. Current supporter of both Ben Carson and Donald Trump, UWF student Kevin Perez attended to give his support. Perez says he believes it is important for a candidate to defend their beliefs and have a conservative stance in running the country.

get link “I think that nations will respect us more if we have a backbone to say no to things that we do not want,” said Perez, senior communications major. “I believe that as a superpower, we should be leaders, not followers, in the world. Heck, even Putin gave Trump respect.”

levitra plus buy online href Yes, Trump has a backbone, but he is not going to be able to run a country the way he runs his businesses. He cannot go and fire anyone he wants in Congress, because “we the people” are the ones who put them in office. The next few months are going to show what the citizens of the United States want, and hopefully we are able choose someone who will make a difference in Washington.