Boneheads: New restaurant open for business near campus

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click here The new Boneheads inside the Argonaut Village. vardenafil senza ricetta Roma Photo courtesy of the Pensacola News Journal.  

Location, price and taste are just a few of the important concepts that run through a college student’s mind when it comes to finding a place to eat. Just last month, the Boneheads franchise, based in Atlanta, opened up for business in the Argonaut Village.

Argonaut Village is located at the northeast entrance to UWF and is said to be expecting to open a few more restaurants this year by the middle of March. (Taken from a Pensacola News Journal story on Oct. 18, 2015).

Kendrick Hobbs, owner of this Boneheads restaurant and a UWF alumnus, said the restaurant has a “fast-casual” concept, meaning that the customers get the best of both worlds: the experience of both a fast food restaurant and a dine-in restaurant.

A customer first places his or her order at the front counter with the cashier; then sits at a table and an employee will bring the food out.

With the quick service and the affordable prices of a fast food restaurant, the feel of a dine-in restaurant, the fresh food made to order on real plates with real silverware, it is the best of both worlds.

“I really think our food speaks for itself,” Hobbs said. “Any of the pictures you see are our actual plates that you’ll get. It’s not Hollywood; we took a plate and we took a picture of it and put it on our menu. So presentation and quality of the food is the most important thing to us, and the experience. You come in here, you have a nice atmosphere, and you have nice customer service at an affordable price. I don’t think there’s anything better than that.”

Boneheads specialties include grilled skewers, tacos, burritos, and a variety of grilled fish and piri piri spiced chicken. On average, it is about $12 a plate, per person.

Jessie Drossos, Kendrick Hobbs’s aunt and the general manager/catering manager of Boneheads, said, “I am very proud of Kendrick. I wasn’t really sure about the concept at first, but it is great food. And the fact that it’s at UWF, which is really special to him, it’s awesome. I’ve been very impressed.”

Ella Cornell, UWF sophomore majoring in health science and a member of Alpha Delta Pi, said, “I like it here. It’s clean and organized, and the menu looks fresh, and it’s cool that it’s right by campus. It’s affordable and has good portions of food. I love the grilled zucchini. Definitely come check it out. It’s easy to come between classes if you are on campus, and the food comes out quick.”

Boneheads is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. You can check out the restaurant’s website or Facebook page for more information.