Seeking a second wind: How to make it to the end of the semester without having a breakdown viagra in canada Emily Doyle

different forms of drugs viagra Staff Writer With the end of the semester in sight, University of West Florida’s students are relying more and more on caffeine and hope to make it till the end of finals. UWF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) recognizes the slowdown of motivation in students toward the end of the semester, providing services such as counseling for stress, puppies to play with, and the gift of caffeinated drinks in every vending machine. College is no cakewalk. I don’t think UWF would provide free services such as counseling to help propel us forward if it weren’t completely necessary. So maybe if you find yourself cowering under your covers in an attempt to make all responsibility go away, like many of us do, you should consider taking advantage of these programs.

follow link But, even you – yes, you – can survive the last crippling month of the fall semester. Here are a few testimonies from people who needed a little extra morale boost, and one brave gentleman who managed to conquer college, and his advice.

gator drug ingredients viagra When asked what helps her get though the semester, junior Madison Murphy said, “Coffee. Lots of coffee” – confirming the idea that without coffee, many of us wouldn’t be where we are today. When asked how she manages to stay motivated, senior Kady Meyers said, “What keeps me motivated is the end goal.” She said she also looks to her pets as support. “I also have animals that I have to support, and taking care of a horse, dog and cat isn’t cheap … If I fail, I fail them as well. So knowing that when I finish I get to move on to the next step of going to vet school is an amazing feeling, and that’s why I stay so motivated.” Recent UWF graduate Evan Bernard advises, “You just have to keep going, day after day. The end will come eventually. Find what energizes you and use it to your advantage.”

soft viagra buy online without prescription Students, listen up — these wise words came from someone who has overcome the finals, papers, and overall overwhelming energy that looms over the UWF campus and has come out the other side alive.

click So if you need that extra shot of espresso in your morning latte, take it. If you need that energy drink, take it. If you need a nap to help cleanse your mind and get you ready to take on the day, take it. Do what works for you. Look at that assignment in front of you and tell yourself that you can do it, because you are awesome. CAPS is located in Building 960, Suite 200-A, between the tennis courts and the Fine and Performing Arts building. You can contact them at 474-2420 or email .