50 shades of play

10 types of plagiarism

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In our cut-and-paste generation, nearly everything is online. But just because it comes from master Google does not mean the material is infallible. But if you turn that work in as your own, it is considered plagiarism. And it is as bad a cheating on an exam.

The dictionary defines plagiarism as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.”  Plagiarism is also associated with theft and piracy.

Many students may already know this, but what everyone may not know is that there is a plagiarism “spectrum.” So, today we are going to talk about the 50 Shades of Play… plagiarism, that is. Well, maybe not 50, but the 10 that are at the top of the plagiarism spectrum.

  1. http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-25-mg-prezzo-a-Bologna Clone

Simply cutting and pasting is on the top of the spectrum. It’s called “cloning,” and it works great for plumping papers with filler material for those 15- to 20-page papers right before finals. Because it is the most blatant form of plagiarism, it is considered the No. 1 offender on the plagiarism spectrum, unless cited properly by the author.

     2. http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=quanto-costa-viagra-generico-100-mg-in-farmacia-a-Parma Ctrl-C

This offense is similar to cloning, except only one source is cited, and that source is used to basically write the paper or essay for you. This is considered No. 2 in severity of offense, because, if you were going to let someone write your paper for you, their name should be on it, not yours.

3. source site Find-Replace

Sometimes, people will feel really original, so they find an article, paper or essay they like, change around some words here and there, maybe add some different phrases, and call it their own. This may sound acceptable, but it was still originally written by another author. It’s third on the plagiarism spectrum because there still is the problem that the main concept and idea came from another author.

4. go site Remix

So you might tell yourself: well, my story is on this topic, so I am just going to pick and choose different words and phrases from different sources on the same topic. After all, with so much information out there, I’m just using the resources available. Nope! This is called “remix,” and it’s the fourth sin. Unless each work and article is cited, it’s still plagiarism, plain and simple.

5. viagra vendita italia Recycle 

This is when a student borrows generously from his or her previous work without citing it to be so. Even if it is your original work, you still should cite it as such.

6. farmacia viagra generico 50 mg a Milano Hybrid

There are some enterprising students who do not fully understand the concept of what and how to cite, so there might be sources cited perfectly, but some that are not cited at all. This is called “hybrid,” and it brings up a good rule of thumb: if you are not sure what to cite and what not to cite, cite it.

7. comprare viagra online generico Mashup

Some of these are similar but still worth mentioning. Sometimes it is tempting to mix up different copied materials from multiple sources with your own. Once again, this is not your own original work. A better way to proceed is just to state your idea, then mention the article as a source of information for that article, and simply cite it.

8. go to link 404 Error

Sometimes it’s hard to find supporting documentation for a particular point of view. So, why not just make up a source? Nope. This is highly frowned upon. It is called a “404 error” from the error on the web when articles cannot be found because they do not exist.

9. go site Aggregator

Unfortunately, some papers end up being nothing but a long string of cited work with few of the student’s original ideas. While it is technically not illegal, a professor will probably force a rewrite due to the sheer amount of unoriginal work. Just save yourself time, and write it correctly the first time.

10. http://acrossaday.com/?search=free-cialis Retweet

Sometimes it can be tempting to use the textbook as a major source, if not the only source, for a paper, article or essay. The professor chose the book.  It must be what they want. Yes, but paraphrase in your own words. Otherwise, it is considered a “Retweet.”  Simply regurgitating what is covered is not original at all.

This is a “cut-and-paste” generation, and these 10 types of plagiarism are an attempt to help you understand the full range of unofficial work that professors are looking for.