4th annual LGBT film fest hits UWF

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oxford online pharmacy clomid ovulation Dozens of LGBT advocates came out to support the fourth annual “Stamped: Pensacola LGBT Film Fest” this week to help raise awareness for the community.

canadian pharmacy discount The free event was held over four days at various locations from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze, starting Wednesday and ending Saturday. Friday night’s event was held on the UWF campus, at the Center for Fine and Performing Arts, and featured such short films as “Tomorrow,” “Pretty Boy,” “Late Expectations,” “Stay With Me” and more.

A few outreach groups for the LGBT community such as Active Minds, S-Tr-ive (or Strive, Social Trans Initiative) and UWF Counseling and Psychological Services were in attendance. Also present were representatives from the Children’s Home Society of Florida and Safe Port Counseling Center.

“Forty percent of the at-risk kids who are out on the streets with no home are part of the LGBT community,” said Wendy Achores, program supervisor of Children’s Home Society of Florida. “We are here to bring awareness to the people that are part of this group so that we can generate more safe and loving homes for the children who need them.”

The event on Wednesday, entitled “You Gotta Be: A Night of Acceptance,” was held at the Tree House Cinema in Gulf Breeze and featured the short films “RSVP” and “In The Turn.” Thursday’s “At Last: A Celebration of Marriage Equality” event was held at the Vinyl Music Hall and featured such films as “Falling Angels,” “A Private Matter” and “First Clue.”

“People think that once marriage equality goes through, all the problems for the LGBT community go away,” said Alana Brasher, volunteer for the American Civil Liberties Union. “They still have to go through other struggles like harassment and discrimination.”

On Saturday, the event “Short Shorts: Lights, Luaus, and Leis” was held at The Yard in East Hill and featured such films as “Lady of the Night,” “Dirty Paws” and “Why Not?”

All 23 films shown over the course of the four-night event were submitted to a decision committee who handpicked these films out of more than 230 submissions from all around the world.

Among the LGBT supporters were a number of individuals who identify with this group and who had personally experienced many of the struggles acted out in the films.

“I was kicked out of my parents’ house and my family disowned me when I revealed to them who I was,” said Delia Melody, a transgender woman who also advocates for trans awareness. “I felt so alone until I met with people from Strive and got myself some help. I’m so happy that Pensacola has a strong support system for people like me.”

To stay up-to-date with next year’s event and for more information on LGBT advocacy, please visit the Stamped website.