Uber drives toward UWF

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go You’ve probably heard the name Uber has been has had its name-dropped in many popular songs, television shows and movies within the last few years.

http://wphls.org/?x=usa-online-drugstore-real-viagra Uber is hot out of the gate on the New York Stock Exchange, and the name has been in newspapers in cities all across America with good and bad publicity – even right here in Pensacola.

source site Uber is a technology company that created an application for smartphones, which lets you tap into its network of rides for hire in an instant. Essentially, get a ride anywhere you want to go within minutes.

enter site Since its creation in 2009, the company has revolutionized how we see the future of public transportation. Jobs like the ones Uber provides aim to put extra money in your pocket and hope to appeal to those with a few hours to spare a day and a car to put on the road.

watch How does Uber impact the life of students at UWF, and why they are choosing Uber over public transportation and traditional taxi services?

go site “It’s better than taxi’s. It’s cheaper, and generally the people that drive tend to be more optimistic and friendly,” said Zachary Whiteford, a sophomore studying anthropology.“It definitely makes it easier to get from downtown to here (campus).”

http://edgplancollection.com/?x=canadian-viagra-tablets-and-healthcare Being new to town and not knowing your way around, limited parking, a night out with no DD (designated driver) or just not having a ride of your own might all be reasons you might need a taxi… but what makes people choose Uber instead? The answer seems to be the convenience and ease of use that the app provides.

http://travelwithkate.com/?x=detrol-similar-drugs-to-viagra Brook Teracka, a freshman studying athletic training, has used Uber on Pensacola Beach. She needed a ride one day and tried it out. “It could make things safer for people who are out drinking,” she said, saying that it is “the perfect DD”.

follow link UWF is not the only university in America experiencing the transportation revolution on campus. “From a college student’s perspective, Uber Technologies may have become the most important app I will ever use,” (Why Uber Has Changed College Campuses, Jennifer Prushan, 2015) says Jennifer Prushan in her story about how Uber has benefits for the lifestyle of college students.

provera and clomid infertility drugs Tanner Bowen, a junior studying exercise science, had never used Uber before, but knew exactly what it was and how it worked. “Parking is usually packed all the time. For people who live a little bit off campus they could probably use Uber to get here and get in and out faster,” she said.

And while the cost might not balance out right now, it is a growing trend.

“Growth also comes at a time when millennials are increasingly ditching the idea of owning a car.” According to Nenad Tadic, in her piece “Uber Lyft” (Car services targeting universitie’s.).” In more urban environments, many college students are opting for choices like such as taking public transportation, riding a bike or using services like Uber rather than dealing with the complications and expenses involved with owning a car.

At the moment, however, in Pensacola and at UWF, we have a ways to go before the campus is an Uber hot spot. Chip Chism, the head of Parking and Transportation Services on UWF had this to say about Uber: “If they didn’t have cars, didn’t want to use mass transit and didn’t have a friend (with a car) and needed a way to get somewhere, I can see that need.”

But Chism said he didn’t think Uber would alleviate the parking issues on campus. “I wouldn’t see how it would, unless they are going to call Uber and have them drop them off on campus. However, if that were the case, we would encourage them to use the three bus stops on campus, and it stops 13 times a day.”

“I had a friend whose car broke down on campus in the middle of the night and I had to come get them, but if they knew Uber existed they could use it at that point,” said Megan Marx, a junior of in legal studies. When asked what other reasons people might want to use Uber, she replied, “The safety of students. Say you’re on campus and you walk home because it’s past the time for the trolley, you can call an Uber and get home instead of walking home in the middle of the night on a city street or waiting for a city bus.”

A another issue with traditional taxis is the cost. Steven Pearce, a sophomore of fine arts, has never used Uber but has used traditional taxis. “Twice from my house to glow-rage on the beach it was expensive, about 60 bucks round trip.”

Often times Uber uses what it calls “surge-pricing” when you travel into highly congested areas, while taxis are technically not allowed to do this as it is considered price-gouging. So the argument that Uber is cheaper than taxis is still up for debate.

But with cost set aside, the majority of Students students agree that it is nice to have the option. And there was not a single person interviewed who did not know what Uber is… so if that tells you anything it is in the consciousness of the modern college student and only time will tell if it has the impact on our campus that it is having on the rest of the world.