Student author breaks the publishing barrier

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Melanie Lane poses with her novel “Slam: Based on the Diaries of Mel Leavitt and a True Story”. Photo by: Amanda Gerow

source url Melanie Lane poses with her novel “Slam: Based on the Diaries of Mel Leavitt and a True Story”.
Photo by: Amanda Gerow

see url For most students, just writing a two-page essay can sometimes seem like a daunting task. So, the feat of writing three novels in a year can almost sound like a really good joke. Tacking on the challenge of accomplishing all of this before the age of 20 just adds to the disbelief. However, for UWF senior Melanie Lane, this is no joke. This was her goal, and in the spring of 2015 she finished her first novel, “Slam: Based on the Diaries of Mel Leavitt and a True Story.”

Lane says her love of writing started with grade-school creative writing assignments and later grew into a deep passion that drove her to enroll in a college-level creative writing class when she was only 17.

“When I talked about my dream of being an author and publishing novels one day, a few of my classmates said I wasn’t ready and I was too young,” Lane said.

As it turns out, age and the ever-abundant opinions of bystanders did not pose a threat to the determination and drive Lane had when it came to writing.

Lane, who had also begun to pursue interests in slam poetry, kept detailed diaries of her own life. These diaries soon became the storyline for her novel. The history major was now using her own past to create a new tale.

In the book, the main character Mel dreams of becoming a slam poet. For those who do not know, slam poetry is an up-and-coming performance art that mixes hip-hop and poetry. With the character’s parent’s disapproval and a pack of problematic peers, all seems to be a loss for the novel’s heroine until she remembers her own inner strength and the power she has with the help of written word.

Lane wrote her entire first novel in one week. Then came the next step: publishing. Lane says she went through a few places to get her work published. However, due to having the passion of a Pulitzer Prize winner but the budget of a college student, Lane had to find some new outlets.

“I learned from a friend about something called CreateSpace, which is a free, online self-publishing company run by Amazon,” Lane said.

CreateSpace gives authors the chance to publish their work and have a chance at success without having the hassle of jumping through hoops for big-name publishing.

Lane says she hopes to see her second novel published by the summer of 2016. Right now, people can purchase their own copy of “Slam: Based on the Diaries of Mel Leavitt and a True Story” on Amazon.

At 19 years old and with the help of CreateSpace, Lane published her first novel. Lane said she knows nothing comes without the dedication and desire to accomplish a goal. She also said she knows there are other young writers out there, even at UWF, who are looking for their own next steps into the world of publishing.

“Never give up. Keep your eyes and mind open, because there are a lot of opportunities out there. If you have the want to do something, good things will happen,” Lane said.