Cheap eats

follow site Tom Moore Contributing Writer

veneziane da interno online pharmacy As a starving college student here in Pensacola, one of my favorite pastimes has been to find places with inexpensive food. So grab your knife and fork as we embark on a journey down the path of inexpensive dining.

clomid drug dosage abbreviations 1) Wendy’s value menu

follow url This is the only fast food place on the list, but because of the sheer variety, it is worth mentioning. Most fast food places advertise a value menu, but none are as comprehensive or encompassing as Wendy’s. For $5, two people can eat and have fountain drinks. Choose from either crispy chicken sandwiches or cheeseburgers for a dollar. On the drink side, you can get small soft drink or sweet tea, or if it is hot, that frosty will complete your order.

2) Fazoli’s

If you are into Italian food, Fazoli’s is a sure bet. They have meals for $3.99, but drinks are extra. There is nice inside dining, even though you do pick up your meal and fill your own drinks. Two can eat for $12 before tax, and if you dine in, you get unlimited breadsticks.

3) The Number One Chinese Restaurant

Nobody does inexpensive food like the Chinese, so the next three items on the list are Chinese restaurants. The Number One Chinese Restaurant, located on the corner of Ninth Avenue and Olive Road, has delicious lunch specials for $4.95. The containers are steaming hot, and the savory aromas make your mouth water even when you are full. The portions are so large you can fill yourself up and still have enough leftovers for another satisfying meal.

4) Chow Tyme Chinese Buffet

Pick up your appetite and loosen that belt, we are now moving into “big boy” territory. Chow Tyme Chinese Buffet, on Ninth Avenue and Creighton Road, is the Cadillac of inexpensive buffet dining. For $9 you get to choose from six food bars, as well as a salad bar, a sushi bar and a hibachi bar. You would be hard-pressed to even eat a little off every bar and leave any way but stuffed. Now this price is for the lunch menu only, but it’s still an amazing value for your money.

5) Asian Seafood

If you are looking to feed a large number of people cheaply, Asian Seafood is the way to go. They don’t have the dining atmosphere that Chow Tyme does. The food is prepared right out back on a barbecue grill. They have a variety of food you can pre-order, including wings, shrimp and scallops. But the true value is with the buffet. You get a choice of either fried rice or lo mein noodles for a mere $6.50 plus tax. The portions are huge. They pile it on, so you definitely get your money’s worth. A to go box can last a day and still have leftovers.

6) CiCi’s Pizza

On the subject of buffets, if you are in the mood for Pizza, CiCi’s is always a good option. It’s a bit less expensive than Chow Tyme, under $6, but they only have two bars, salad and pizza. They have a good game room that is a great hit with the kids.

7) Waffle House

And last but certainly not least: good ol’ Waffle House. Their menu offers a variety of meats, hash browns and salads. While all their food is reasonably priced, they have a specialty menu with 15 meals for $5. You get a meat, or sandwich, a hash brown, salad or chili and a drink.

And there it is, straight from the dense innards of the urban jungle – your very own “Broke Student’s Guide to Inexpensive Dining.” So, the next time you get hungry, remember, you don’t have to go broke just to get a quick snack, or spend the time cooking.