Rock out the Redzone returns


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Peer Educators Lauren McCurdy (left) and Victoria Weekley (right) demonstrate one of the many educational games at Rock out the Redzone.
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go site The first few weeks of the fall hold so many new opportunities for students. For many, this may even be the first time they are  away from home.

see url With newfound freedoms come new adventures and often experimentation. However, the occasional carefree choices can put students in less than favorable situations.

follow link “Being new to college and being on your own for the first time, the reasons anyone is experimenting with new things really put students at risk for sexual assault,” Alicia Cambron, Assistant Director of Wellness Services, said. This time period when students are more susceptible to experiencing sexual assault is known as the Redzone. It extends from the beginning of the fall semester through Thanksgiving break. In order to raise awareness and increase education about this time, Wellness Services holds its annual kickoff event known as Rock Out the Redzone.

Rock Out the Redzone occurred on Aug. 28 in the UWF Great Hall. The event hosted various resources such as the UWF Peer Educators, Lakeview Rape Crisis Center, and UWF Counseling Services in order to educate students about the Redzone and how to prevent sexual assault.

This year, the theme for Rock out the Redzone kept it classic. The event that centers on raising awareness for sexual violence, teaching students about consent, and where to go should students ever experience it, chose the slogan “It’s Refreshingly Easy! Ask. Listen. Respect.”

While the event is centered on preventing sexual assault, it has also made great strides in teaching the UWF community that UWF does not tolerate sexual violence in any form. Because of this commitment to keeping students safe, UWF encourages everyone to report any form of assault to the Title IX Coordinator.

In order to better communicate and get students involved and interested, the entire night was filled with games like “What does consent look like?” matching games, and the auditorium even had games set up under black lights.

As a DJ played some popular tunes and everyone took part in a night with the UWF community, it was easy to see why so many students took the time to come out to the event. No one wants to experience sexual violence, but should it happen, everyone wants and needs to know what to do and who to talk to.

“Rock Out the Redzone is raising awareness, and it’s a great way for people to come out and learn and network and understand the importance of the knowledge on the Redzone,” said Ali Berkowitz, Peer Educator.

Rock Out the Redzone is not the only place to receive information on proper consent, how to effectively communicate, and whom to talk to. For more information, please contact Wellness Services at or 850-473-7112.

Sexual Violence is never OK, and thanks to the UWF community and Wellness Services, we can find out ways to stop it all together.