Parking woes- How not to get a parking ticket


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enter Staff Writer

cheap cialis jelly from canadian drugstore “A university is a diverse community held together by common complaints about parking,” said Clark Kerr, former chancellor of the University of California.

Incoming students, don’t lose hope! The University of West Florida Parking and Transportation department is aware of the problematic parking and is working diligently to provide solutions and safety for all on campus.

Though parking at times can be inconvenient, Parking and Transportation Services Director John “Chip” Chism assures that there is enough parking for all students, even if it is not the closest to your destination. Parking services has added an additional trolley to the Fall 2015 Trolley Schedule to provide timely shuttle service to students who may need to park in the remote lots on campus. With the TransLoc Transit Visualization app, students can track trolley locations for pickup and drop off.

“Never park in an area not designated for you. You will get a ticket,” said UWF senior Brittnee Brock. “Make sure to always get to campus early so if there isn’t a parking spot where you wish there would be, you can make time to park farther and walk.”  Brock also is curious about why the new football stadium is being built before a much needed parking garage.

When asked about funding for Parking Services, Chism replied that all funding comes directly from parking permits and ticketing. This clarifies that the new football stadium is not taking money away from Parking Services funding. Chism did mention that there are plans for a future parking garage to be built where the intramural fields exist currently. The department would need at minimum $5 million to even break ground on this project.

“Since transferring from UCF [University of Central Florida] to here [UWF], at first I found parking difficult, but I bought a motorcycle and the convenience of motorcycle parking has made a huge difference,” shared UWF senior Jake Bandurski. “My advice to incoming students is, buy a motorcycle.”

Although not advice that can be utilized by all students, if you do happen to have a motorcycle, you may have an easier time finding parking than the rest of us. But please remember to purchase a parking permit for it to prevent the possibility of receiving a parking ticket.

How do you avoid receiving a parking ticket? It is simple. Buy a parking permit. Park in the areas designated according to your parking permit. And lastly, allow yourself ample time to “hunt and conquer” that parking space and not be late to class.

Next time you are circling the parking lots over and over desperate to find a parking space, think on this. You are not alone. At some point and time, most every student, faculty and staff member has had trouble finding a parking space. The present parking situation is not ideal, but it is what it is for the present. As Argonauts, we must make the best of things and hope for a brighter future–a future filled with close convenient parking for all.