Bathroom stall DOOdles recognized as masterpieces

Aileen Dover’s original artwork on display in the Argo Galley restrooms. Photo courtesy of Seymour Butts

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Aileen Dover’s original artwork on display in the Argo Galley restrooms. Photo courtesy of Seymour Butts

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Staff Writer

source site Aileen Dover and Seymour Butts, two students from The University of West Florida, started bathroom stall art when they were bored in the bathroom. “It started as something to pass the time while we were in the can, but ended up being really fun and brought us closer together as a couple,” Dover said.

Dover and Butts decided to spread their art to various bathroom stalls on campus. They visited bathrooms around campus and painted the stalls with various styles of art.

“We wanted to share our art with other students,” Butts said. “It was our way of expressing ourselves, and we wanted other students to become comfortable with expressing themselves too.”

Butts and Dover did just that.

Students on campus began spreading pictures of the artwork through social media.

Hugh Gass, a student from Pensacola State College, saw their art pop up on social media and shared it with his friends.

“Their art is powerful and creative,” Gass said.”They don’t filter their artwork. They paint what they feel, and I connected with that.”

Not only have students begun to admire the new stall art, but so has The Pensacola Museum of Art.

Sandie Yup, executive director of PMA, said she saw their artwork in a bathroom stall that she visited when meeting up with personnel at UWF.

“I knew their art was just the thing that PMA needed,” Yup said. “It was different and intense, and that is the kind of artwork that we love to feature at our museum.”

UWF and PMA are working together to remove most of the bathroom stalls from UWF campus and have them showcased at the museum for the month of April.

The pieces that are chosen by PMA will be removed from the UWF bathrooms, leaving the bathrooms communal for one month.

Dover and Butts have worked with other students around campus to get their artwork on t-shirts, computer cases and phone cases. Half of the proceeds will go towards replacing the bathroom stalls on campus.

“We are so thankful for all of the support and praise from students and residents of Pensacola,” Butts said. “We hope that with the help of our supporters we can take our artwork to bathroom stalls all over the world,” Butts said.