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The Lady Argos hold off Lee to win in double overtime

By Grier Wellborn

Sports Editor

Courtney Jan 28

Sophomore forward Courtney Meyer shoots free throws in double overtime win against Lee University.
Photo by Grier Wellborn.

What looked to be a dominating win for the University of West Florida women’s basketball team turned into a fight for possession up until the last three seconds of the double overtime brawl between the Lady Argonauts and the Lee University Flames.

Thursday’s game against the Flames followed UWF’s Annual Blizzard Bash, sparking attendance to more than 600 fans.

All five starters for the Lady Argos scored in the double digits, and four of the five starters scored double-doubles in their highest scoring game of the season.

Sophomore forward Courtney Meyer scored 13 points and had 12 rebounds in Thursday night’s game against Lee.

“It was really exciting,” Meyer said. “Coach has been emphasizing that we have to have several offensive threats step up every game because the more scorers, the harder it is to guard us. We know that’s [four of five players scoring double-doubles] really rare, so it was exciting, but we really just get hyped off of our teammates’ success.”

Three of the starters, including junior forward Katie Bobos, junior guard Alex Coyne and sophomore forward Toni Brewer, are all ranked in the top 20 in the Gulf South Conference for scoring. Coyne also scored a career high in steals and assists with eight steals and 12 assists.

Despite a record-setting game for the Lady Argos, Lee was not going down without a fight.

The first two quarters of the game were dominated by the Lady Argos. UWF possessed the ball first and was the first on the scoreboard. The first quarter ended with a Lady Argos lead of 10 points, while at halftime, the Lady Argos were winning by a 13-point margin.

The Lady Argos steady double-digit lead was challenged in the second half when the Flames made a striking comeback. The Flames would not go down easy, and they gradually extended their score in the second half. With eight minutes left in the game, the Lady Argos led by only one point.

“Lee fought back hard and in the second half,” Bobos said. “We had a hard time making the easy shots. Lee started to adjust offensively to our defensive game plan and we had to play personnel correctly. Both teams hustled and played hard. I’m happy we came out on top. That was a big win for our team.”

Bobos, one of the starting five players scored 19 points, and had 12 rebounds in her double-double game against the Flames.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the game was tied 69-69 and the teams were forced into overtime. Throughout the five minutes of overtime, both teams had alternated leads, and another five minutes was added to the clock for a second overtime with a score of 76-76.

With 23 seconds left in double overtime and a five-point lead by the Lady Argos, Lee continued to foul the Lady Argos in a desperate attempt for ball possession. UWF secured the win with fouls shots by Coyne that drove the Lady Argos to a four-point edge on Lee. UWF ultimately won the game with a score of 89-85.

“Games in the GSC, we say it every game, they are challenging and they go down to the wire. You’re going to see some really good women’s basketball in our conference,” Head Coach Stephanie Lawrence Yelton said. “Tonight was one of those cases of things going our way; we hit free throws when we needed to, we got big rebounds, held on to possessions when we needed to and we were able to come out with a win.”

Yelton is in her fourth season as the head coach of UWF’s women’s basketball team and has since led the Lady Argos to their first GSC Championship in the 2013-2014 season.

The UWF women’s basketball team is now tied with Lee for third place in the GSC. The Lady Argos last met with Lee in December when they lost 82-85 to the Flames.

The Lady Argos will return to their home court on Thursday, February 11 to face off against Christian Brothers at 5:30 p.m. in the UWF Field House.

Student Orgs represent at 6th Annual Blizzard Bash

By Sara Agans

Staff Writer



Chi Alpha was one of many organizations that set up at Blizzard Bash to talk with students about getting involved in campus groups.
Photo courtesy of Chi Alpha Twitter page.


 This year’s Sixth Annual Blizzard Bash was filled with loud music, giveaways, hot chocolate, pizza and even fried Oreos.

Blizzard Bash was held from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday in front of the Field House and was open and free to all current UWF students. This year’s bash had a great turnout with several tables set up, displaying information about various student organizations, giving students the opportunity to learn more about each group.

James Hebbel, a UWF junior majoring in public relations, said Blizzard Bash is a way to connect with many student organizations at once, because you cannot always reach out to each one individually. This event allows students to interact with as many different student organizations as they want during a two-hour period.

“It’s a great way to not only talk about what we do, but show the campus what we do and why we do what we do,” said Kaley Lother, captain of the UWF dance team and a senior majoring in hospitality recreation and resort management. “The students go all out with their organizations. It’s a great way to get connected to other people on this campus.”

Kristi Summerlin, a member of Alpha Chi Omega and a sophomore majoring in global marketing, said, “Blizzard Bash is so much fun because there are so many cool activities, and there’s great food and music.” Summerlin said it is also a great opportunity for her organization to raise money for a flag football tournament based around domestic violence awareness.

Not only was there food and music at this annual event, but a few organizations signed up to participate in the first contest of the evening, a snowman-building contest. Participants had to build a snowman using cornstarch and shaving cream within a 10-minute time limit.

A second contest was the annual sled race. Each group participating was required to create a team sled for the race. The group with the sled that slid down the sidewalk the fastest won the contest. This year team Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Chi slid away with the victory.

6th Annual Blizzard Bash: Coming Jan. 28

Sara Agans

Staff Writer

blizzard bash

Food, drinks and music are just a few things that the sixth annual Blizzard Bash will have to offer while kicking off the 2016 spring semester.

Blizzard Bash is a celebration with campus organizations giving students the opportunity to interact and learn more about groups that may be of interest to them.

This event is open and free to all current UWF students and will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday in front of the Field House.

“Blizzard Bash is designed for organizations to recruit new members to become a part of their respected organizations through music, games and a good time,” said Brandon Robinson, Blizzard Bash coordinator and a UWF senior majoring in communications. “Our organizations are given the chance to interact with each other on a whole different level. It’s sort of like our winter version of Argopalooza. It’s quite the experience.”

According to the UWF website, organizations will have the opportunity to compete for prizes while participating in the annual sled race, as well as a snowman-building contest.

Tara Kermiet, assistant director of the University Commons and Student Involvement, said there will be up to 75 student organizations at this event. She said it will be a great opportunity to discover what student organizations are on campus, considering that there were a few new organizations that were started in the fall.

“This is a traditional tabling event where student organizations stand at a table and try to sell their student organization to potential members and to students on campus,” Kermiet said.

“There is a lot of people, so even if you’re not looking to join a student organization, it’s a great opportunity to meet new students and interact with different groups on campus.”

Michael Krueger, UWF senior majoring in public relations, said, “Coming to any event put on by this school gets you more acclimated to the campus culture that happens at UWF, which is very unique. I think that by going to these events, it expands your mind with more about what an Argonaut is: not just a school representation, but also a way of life.”

The women’s basketball game vs. Lee University will conclude Blizzard Bash, starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Field House, followed by the men’s basketball game at 7:30 p.m. The Athletics Department will be giving away free t-shirts to UWF students while supplies last.