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Donors to use priority point system to obtain football tickets for fall

By Sara Agans
Staff Writer


Graphic courtesy of UWF Athletics

UWF’s inaugural football season will soon be here, and fans already are scoping out ways to get tickets.

The University of West Florida’s Argonaut Athletic Club (AAC), the fundraising division of the UWF Athletic Department, has developed a priority points system, designed to rank all athletics donors fairly and to involve them in the selection of their football season tickets, according to a football season ticket information brochure.

The intent of this policy is to reward those who have been loyal supporters of UWF Athletics while allowing new donors to secure seating options. All priority points are based on the donor’s previous and current support of West Florida Athletics, and each donation helps build up priority points. Argonaut Athletic Club members will have access to season tickets based on their priority points and contribution level.

April 16 is the deadline to earn priority points and the opportunity to buy football season tickets for the 2016 home games, which will be played at the Blue Wahoos stadium downtown. All donations must be turned in to the Argonaut Athletic Club, or made online, by this deadline. Season tickets must be paid for, in full, by July 1, 2016.

Luckily for students, they don’t have to be big spenders to get tickets to see the Argos play.

“All football tickets for this coming season will be free. Students don’t have to buy them,” said Brett Berg, UWF Athletics Development Director. However, “We do have a limited number of about 1,000 seats for students. Our process in place is through our Argo Armada, which is our student booster club where they can download an app on their phone. It is the way that we will distribute tickets for next season. We encourage all students to download the app now and start becoming familiar with it so they can have an idea of how they are going to get tickets,” Berg said.

If students attend any UWF home sporting events, and they check in on the Argo Armada app, they will earn points. The more points students earn, the more prizes they can win, such as Publix gift cards, free sandwiches, etc.

“The way it’s going to work for football tickets is the top 200 students who have the most points will get guaranteed tickets for football, and the other 800 will be put into a lottery system and students will be drawn as a lottery,” Berg said. “We’ve never done this before, so we aren’t sure how many students are going to apply, but we are trying to make it fair and to where students have access to tickets.”

“I plan to attend the football games for this upcoming season because it’ll be something different to do that’s high-energy,” said Keilani Hernandez, a UWF senior majoring in archaeology. “So you can assume I’m pretty excited for it. I haven’t begun plans for tailgating, but I’m sure there will be some on the horizon when the time gets closer.”

One thousand tickets will be exclusively for current students, Berg said. About 3,500 seats will remain to buy outside of the student tickets, and this is where the priority points system comes in to play. Not everyone is guaranteed to get season tickets, because there is more demand than supply of season tickets. A person will receive season tickets based on how many priority points he/she has accumulated. Someone with 10 priority points is going to get the chance to buy tickets before someone who has nine priority points, for instance.

Ben Stubbs, UWF associate director of Student Involvement, said he is excited that outside donors and the university community have an opportunity to be involved in this way and will get to attend football games. “I personally don’t have very many points accumulated myself, but I have some friends who do, and I think that they’re excited about seeing some benefit from being involved and contributing to the university, and I think that the football tickets are appropriate for that. It creates some excitement and an incentive for people to invest back into UWF. This is definitely something that I’m looking forward to and will take advantage of,” Stubbs said.

“We want the experience to be a great collegiate football experience for our current students, former students, alumni and all of our community,” Berg said.

For more information regarding season tickets, visit GoArgos.com/FootballTix, which has a 12-page football season ticket information brochure. You can also call 850-474-ARGO.


Single-score game results in a win for UWF baseball

By Grier Wellborn

Sports Editor

 Senior third baseman Jimmy Redovian races around the bases to his teammates after scoring a home run in the ninth to win the game for the Argos on Wednesday night. Photo by Grier Wellborn.

Senior third baseman Jimmy Redovian races around the bases to his teammates after scoring a home run in the ninth to win the game for the Argos on Wednesday night.
Photo by Grier Wellborn.

After posting the third shutout of the season against No.18 Valdosta State, and defeating the nationally ranked Blazers with a walk-off hit in a close three-game series, the University of West Florida baseball team sought to beat Stillman University on Wednesday night. The Argos have won nine one of the last 10 games against the Stillman Tigers, but have not faced them since 2011.

The Argos’ 8-6 record seemed to give them the upper hand against Stillman, who started the game against UWF with a 2-14 record. But for a game in which the Argos seemed to have a major advantage, both teams remained scoreless until the ninth inning.

The all-freshman pitching lineup dominated the mound for the Argos in Wednesday night’s game. Troy Brown recorded his second start of the season by pitching the first three innings only yielding one hit, leaving the Tigers scoreless. UWF also ended the third inning scoreless.

“I started the season kind of rough, but I’m finally getting back into things,” Brown said.  Brown said he felt the freshmen pitchers did well by not allowing Stillman any runs. “There’s always stuff that we can work on, so we’ll only get better from here.”

Freshman Garrett Peek took the mound at the top of the fourth and recorded two more scoreless innings. The Argo offense was unable to score in the fourth and fifth.

Freshman Gray Dorsey followed Peek at the hill at the top of the sixth. With the Tigers on both first and second base and only one out, it seemed as though Stillman would score. Dorsey escaped trouble by striking out the next two batters. The score remained 0-0 at the bottom of the seventh.

Following Dorsey, freshman pitcher Cole Crowder entered the game at the top of the eighth, and would close the game for UWF. Again, the Argos seemed to be in trouble in the eighth when the Tigers took third base with only one out. Crowder struck out the next batter, and a fly ball was caught by junior outfielder Jean Figueroa for a third out.

Both teams went into the ninth inning, still scoreless. Crowder held the Tigers in the top of the ninth recording the ninth strikeout of the game by freshman pitchers. The Argos were given another chance to score in the bottom of the inning.

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, it seemed as though the game might extend into a 10th inning. Senior third baseman Jimmy Redovian’s time at bat decided the game. Redovian hit his first home run of the season (the second in his UWF career) in the bottom of the ninth, to help win the game for the Argos 1-0.

“Luckily I was able to get a pretty good swing on the pitch and get it out of here,” Redovian said. “But we’re definitely going to need to play better this weekend; come out stronger, come out faster but it does feel good to get a win here.”

Though the game resulted in a win, Redovian was not pleased overall with the offensive play throughout the match.

“We have got to be ready to go from the start no matter who we are playing,” he said. “Especially this week in conference play, we have to be ready from day one.”

The Argos, now 11-7 in the season, continued conference play over the weekend at North Alabama where they swept the Lions in the double header on Saturday, but lost the third game in the series on Sunday.

The UWF baseball team will return to Jim Spooner Field on Wednesday, March 9, to face off against Spring Hill College for the second time this season.

For a complete season schedule, visit goargos.com.