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Find the right fit for your home-away-from-home at UWF

By Alicia Adams
Staff Writer

Students at the University of West Florida have many options when it comes to housing, both on and off campus. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and students must make the choice that is the best fit for them.

It’s official: Martha Saunders is UWF’s new president

By Elizabeth Gray
Staff Writer

The Center for Fine and Performing Arts was the site of the ceremony installing Martha Saunders as the sixth president of the University of West Florida on Friday.

Come discuss the ‘Un-Discussable’

By Taylor Hall
Staff Writer

If you’ve ever felt the need to meet with others to discuss your views and learn the opinions of others, then Discussing the Un-Discussable is the place for you.

UWF elects new SGA officers, senators

By Kenny Detwyler 
Contributing Writer 

The results are in, and the student body has chosen new representatives for the 2017-2018 school year.

CAB After Dark returns

Allison Bew
Staff Writer

From 7-10 p.m. this Friday, CAB will be hosting one of its biggest events of the year: CAB After Dark.

Sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, CAB After Dark is an annual event that will take over part of the Commons parking lot (Lot H). It is a carnival featuring 15 novelties and attractions and five food vendors.

UWF professor shares sabbatical journey, explores major works of Land Art

By Elizabeth Gray
Staff Writer

The desert can be an inspiring place. At least that is how Valerie George, contemporary artist and UWF associate professor of art, said she felt when she made a journey to the Great Basin Desert in Utah last year.

UWF Sport Management students gain real-world experience working at March Madness

By Brooke Weber
Staff Writer

Over spring break, the University of West Florida’s Sport Management Student Association had the opportunity to travel to Orlando for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Division I March Madness Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Extreme gamers take video games to real-world level

By Tom Moore
Staff Writer

Even a non-gamer can see that console gaming has become a huge part of American pop culture. An eGames international gaming tournament was even held for the first time ever in Rio last summer in conjunction with the Olympics.

Games such as “Fallout 4” and “Call of Duty 3 – Black Ops” now are more like interactive movies than video games; and like movies, they have competed for the best actors, animators and designers in the business.

Breaking the stigma of sexual assault – or at least trying to

By Alicia Adams
Staff Writer

The University of West Florida is making strides in the fight against sexual assault, but that doesn’t mean the world has changed.

CAB skates into the ’80s and ’90s at Throwback Thursday event

By William Watson
Staff Writer

The Campus Activity Board brought a skating rink to the Commons Conference Center for a Throwback Thursday event on March 27.