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Review: ‘Music Man’ successful on all notes

By Andre Harrell II
Staff writer

Meridith Wilson’s “The Music Man,” hosted by the University of West Florida’s Department of Theater, opened Thursday in the Mainstage Theater, at the Center for Fine and Performing Arts. 

Argos prevail on Senior Day for 24th win

By Tyler Wood
Staff writer

On an emotional evening in the UWF Field House, the University of West Florida men’s basketball team defeated Union University 72-60 in the Argos’ last home game of the 2017-18 season, improving to 11-1 at home and 24-3 overall.

Local law firm hosts ‘Legal Graffiti’ to raise money for children’s hospital

By Payne Ray
Staff writer

The Zarzaur Law firm partnered with the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Friday to host a “Legal Graffiti” event at downtown Pensacola’s monthly Gallery Night.

UWF community holds candlelight vigil for victims of school shooting

By Payne Ray
Staff writer

The University of West Florida community held a candlelight vigil in the Cannon Green Thursday night in honor of the victims of a shooting which occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

What Black History Month Means to: The Athlete

By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

Johnathan Coleman’s stature can make him considerably intimidating. His play style on the football field garners oohs and ahhs with every hard hit and tackle this past season on UWF’s run to be the national runner-up. At one time, though, the 6’2” senior linebacker that homes in and rocks his targets like a missile was a young old boy that had to make a run to the grocery store in his hometown of Delray Beach, Florida. It was that day when someone used a racial slur on Coleman and it was a moment he would always remember.

Pensacola Museum of Art provides informal art program for all ages

By Payne Ray
Staff writer

The Pensacola Museum of Art provided the community with an Open Studio on Saturday, giving Pensacola residents an opportunity to develop and hone artistic skills with the help of a local artist.

Provocative Thoughts: Multiple culprits to blame in watering down of higher education

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of opinion pieces by Mike Zdunich, a senior communications major at UWF. Through his Provocative Thoughts column, Mike will present new and nuanced ways to think about important issues.

By Mike Zdunich

The quality of students that are attending colleges or major universities in today’s society would not have met the same standards of the same universities 20 or 40 years ago.

Student Health clinic encourages getting protection against the flu

By Drew Drohan
Staff writer

With the 2018 flu season in full force, the University of West Florida’s Student Health Service is recommending students receive their flu vaccinations as quickly as possible.

Sen. Rubio urges schools to end ties with Confucius Institutes

Special to the Voyager

Today, Sen. Marco Rubio urged five schools in Florida to end their agreements with the Chinese government-run Confucius Institute – University of West Florida is one of those schools.

Pensacola Opera, Seville Quarter host evening of ‘casual opera’

By Payne Ray
Staff writer

The Pensacola Opera Chorus performed at Seville Quarter Thursday night in the fourth installment of “Opera on Tap.”