SGA Election Update: Dupuis drops out; Megginson appeals to re-enter race here By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

blue sky drugs viagra coupons In an already roller coaster of an SGA presidential race, another seismic shift has changed the landscape of the election. On April 5, Leonie Dupuis — one of the two remaining candidates after the news of a runoff election next week — announced that she will drop her campaign.

here “There comes a time in life where you reach a crossroad between what you need to do and what you want to do,” Dupuis said in her announcement on Instagram.

watch Dupuis, who studies biomedical sciences and has large aspirations to get into medical school, made the decision that what her dreams ultimately overweighed her want to become SGA president.

pillola viagra wikipedia drug “Identifying what you need versus what you want is simple, but the difficulties lie in the balancing act between those two things,” Dupuis said. “In my case, I buy viagra no prescription required need to get into medical school to pursue the career of my dreams. I enter site want to spend my senior year representing the students of UWF and to fight for their concerns, passions, and wellbeing.”

go Dupuis closed her statement by thanking all of those who supported her and running mate Rhea Azamar’s campaign and said they were the heart of their efforts. With Dupuis officially out of the race Brandon Malone was left remaining as the only candidate for SGA president. As ruled by the SGA elections commission, but not yet finalized by the supreme court, Malone would still have to reach a majority vote to win and students have the choice to vote for him or option to abstain from voting. The option to add an abstain option to the ballot was created by the elections commission as a new runoff procedure.

Abigail Megginson, whose campaign was forced to drop out of the runoff after finishing third in the primary election, saw this as an opportunity to put her name back on the ticket. On Friday, she approached the SGA supreme court and the Elections Commission to re-enter the race.

“If the supreme court rules against what I’m fighting for, to either be included in the runoff or hold a new election, then they will have selected a candidate who received less than a majority of the students’ vote,” Megginson said.

As of April 6, Megginson submitted a letter to the SGA supreme court arguing that a run off should be between the top two candidates, and to not have two candidates is unconstitutional and goes against election statutes. The supreme court has not yet made a decision. For the time being, it is a waiting game for the Megginson/Bohler camp.

The SGA presidential runoff election will be held 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 10. To keep up to date with SGA elections, be sure to follow the Voyager.