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15 things to do this week that won’t break the bank

Editor’s note: This continues our weekly series of 15 things to do on the Emerald Coast. Each week, staff writer Jessica Ayers will highlight 15 inexpensive local events for college students to attend without breaking the bank.

By Jessica Ayers
Staff writer

As college students, the only thing more valuable than our time is our money. Making a budget is essential, but it shouldn’t force you into a Netflix/Ramen Noodle marathon every weekend. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do off campus that you can easily squeeze into your co-ed calculator. Here are 15 things to do around the Emerald Coast this week that won’t break the bank.

What Black History Month Means to: The Athlete

By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

Johnathan Coleman’s stature can make him considerably intimidating. His play style on the football field garners oohs and ahhs with every hard hit and tackle this past season on UWF’s run to be the national runner-up. At one time, though, the 6’2” senior linebacker that homes in and rocks his targets like a missile was a young old boy that had to make a run to the grocery store in his hometown of Delray Beach, Florida. It was that day when someone used a racial slur on Coleman and it was a moment he would always remember.

Pensacola Museum of Art provides informal art program for all ages

By Payne Ray
Staff writer

The Pensacola Museum of Art provided the community with an Open Studio on Saturday, giving Pensacola residents an opportunity to develop and hone artistic skills with the help of a local artist.