Local companies battle head-to-head for Corporate Cup championship

fertility drugs twins clomid follow By Rachel Witbracht
Staff writer

For the past 24 consecutive years, the YMCA of Northwest Florida has joined with the rest of the country in participating in the Corporate Cup. This years’ theme was “reaching for the stars” and 22 companies from the Pensacola area participated, bringing more than 1,000 participants and guests to the all-day occasion

Corporate Cup is an Olympic-style field day event put on once a year, used to promote a healthy lifestyle and teamwork in local companies.

The theme of this year’s Corporate Cu was “reach for the stars,” and the purpose of the Olympic-style field day event was to get people up and moving while promoting a healthy lifestyle. (Photo by Rachel Witbracht)

Andrea Rosenbaum is the director of advancement for the local YMCA, where she leads marketing campaigns and fundraisers for the local non-profit organization.

“The real focus [of Corporate Cup] is getting people up and moving,” Rosenbaum said.

Participants of the Corporate Cup compete in the one-mile run. (Photo by Rachel Witbracht)

Almost every YMCA around the country holds a Corporate Cup event and it is widely popular, especially in Northwest Florida. Rosenbaum said what makes it unique for us in the panhandle is that “UWF was instrumental in starting the event for the area.”

For the first 20 years of its existence, the local games were held at the university on the intramural fields.

“It probably never would have started without UWF opening up the campus to us,” Rosenbaum said.

One of the YMCA’s national goals, and the main goal of Corporate Cup, is to promote healthy living. The organization designed a day full of high-energy activities like wheelbarrow racing, dodgeball, a one-mile run, football and most popular, tug of war.

The event has called Pensacola State College home for the last couple years, but for its first two decades resided at UWF, according to Rosenbaum.

Participants of the Corporate Cup compete in the one-mile run. (Photo by Rachel Witbracht)

The brackets were divided into a small company category and a large company category; Aerotek, a staffing agency, and Navy Federal Credit Union won in each of their bracket and have earned the bragging rights of Corporate Cup winners.

The YMCA’s goal was to get people up and moving, and if they didn’t succeed all day, the time came during tug of war where every team battled each other. The game didn’t count for any points, but it was a favorite of most.