Daily Archives: November 27, 2017

Opinion: Phone cameras are catching up

buy cheap viagra jelly online By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

Along with writing, I use a lot of my journalistic capabilities to show visual aspects of my stories with photography. Virtually all of the images I use for the newspaper have been from using my

UWF student and alum share experiences with iPhone X

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/clomid_and_ovulation.html By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

The fruits of Apple’s labor have produced some of the world’s most widely used and popular technology. Ten years after the first iPhone has been released, the tech company released the iPhone X (or iPhone

Opinion: I’m glad Trump is waging war against “fake news”

By Rachel Witbracht
Staff writer

As a founding member of the College Democrats chapter on my campus, you might be surprised by my support of the term “fake news,” but not for the reason you think.

Brotherhood no more: the state of today’s fraternities

By Steve Likovetz
Staff writer

Fraternities pride themselves on brotherhood, philanthropy and being an example of model students on campus — or at least they used to. Greek organizations have evolved into hazing rituals, underage drinking and wild parties.

Pensacola Archaeological Society reaches out to UWF students

By Anna Smith
Staff writer

The Pensacola Archaeological Society is a non-profit organization that allows the community to come together to learn, discuss and support archaeological efforts.