Come discuss the ‘Un-Discussable’

enter site By Taylor Hall
Staff Writer

If you’ve ever felt the need to meet with others to discuss your views and learn the opinions of others, then Discussing the Un-Discussable is the place for you.

Come join Lusharon Wiley, senior associate Dean of Students, on April 18 for a discussion on “Women’s Issues: Health, Heart and Home,” presented by the Dean of Students office.

Take a seat and listen, or share your opinion at Discussing the Un-Discussable at noon in the Commons, Room 272, on Tuesday, April 18.

Discussing the Un-Discussable is a regularly scheduled monthly event that is open to students and faculty and gives everyone the chance to share their opinions on what they know and discuss other things they might not. The room is treated as an open space for people to share their feelings and discuss the topic of the month without rejection.

“We don’t say that you are going to leave here with solutions,” Wiley said. “That’s not the point. The point is to create a space where we can at least learn more, hear the voices, and express what we are feeling and thinking.”

Along with Wiley are two moderators who will move the conversation forward. For each meeting, the moderators are chosen based on the knowledge they have on the topics discussed. The moderators are in charge of making sure everyone has a chance to speak, as well as making sure each topic is discussed and discussed in an appropriate time.

Join the discussion at noon on Tuesday, April 18, in the Commons, Room 272.