Daily Archives: April 24, 2017

Finding your focus

By Juliana Liévano Uribe
Staff Writer

Many students find they have a hard time focusing on getting their work done or studying for a test. Sometimes it’s too noisy, or it’s too quiet, or sometimes they have too many things on their mind and they are not productive.

Opinion: Is an arm and a leg worth a shorter commute?

By Allison Bew
Staff Writer

I am one of the 11,000 commuters who attend UWF, and I come from the Gulf Breeze/Navarre area. This means I have to either brave the traffic, causing my commute to be roughly 45 minutes to an hour one way, or pay the steep price of a $7.50 round-trip toll to get to school.

Find the right fit for your home-away-from-home at UWF

By Alicia Adams
Staff Writer

Students at the University of West Florida have many options when it comes to housing, both on and off campus. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and students must make the choice that is the best fit for them.