Daily Archives: March 18, 2017

Cheap eats: Show your Nautilus card at these restaurants for discounts

By Elizabeth Gray
Staff Writer

Student life is expensive. With tuition on the rise and student loans lurking around the corner, it’s always nice for students to be able to save a little money.

Luckily, several Pensacola-area restaurants understand college woes and have discounts for students. And if they don’t offer a discount, they offer specials, or they contribute to UWF, so everyone wins.

What happens after graduation?

Alicia Adams
Staff writer

Graduation is fast approaching, and seniors across campus are dashing around trying to make sure they have everything they need to graduate. Along with ordering a cap and gown and making sure all their classes are in order, there is one additional thing they need – a plan.

Support the troops with UWF’s newest student org

By Alicia Adams
Staff writer

If you have been in the military, currently serve, have loved ones in the armed forces or simply want to support those who are, the University of West Florida has a new student organization just for you – the Armed Forces Student Alliance.