CAB Fright Night brings out the screams for Halloween

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viagra coupons discount drug mart Campus Activity Board held its annual Fright Night on Thursday in the University Commons Auditorium. Fright Night is a staged haunted house with various rooms representing different horrific themes. The free event allows students to walk through a maze of screaming figures and dead ends until finally reaching the end where a table with candy and other refreshments are spread out for all who survive the event.

go to site The rooms vary in themes, such as a scene straight from the murderous set of popular television series “Dexter,” a killer bull-headed monster called a Minotaur, and a jail cell filled with screaming students.

here In order to take part in the night of horrors, student organizations must submit applications for a spot in the event. CAB chooses the eight best applications allowing the ideas to become a reality. “CAB looks for well-thought-out ideas and a detailed list of supplies they would need,” said Brandon Wood, CAB vice president of Internal Affairs. “We wanted to do something different from a Halloween party, so we decided on a student-run haunted house.”

CAB members began the setup of the Great Hall and the Commons early Thursday. The typically clean and bright environment of the Commons turned into a spooky, spiderweb-clad hall in a matter of hours.

Student Government Association Vice President Jake Hebert was a familiar, though this time more terrifying, face found inside the Fright Night rooms. Hebert was participating with the SGA freshman committee, and played the role of the killer Dexter. He said his favorite part was a mix between the actual setup of the room and actually getting to scare people.

“It was definitely fun to see so many students come out and get scared equally,” Hebert said.

Students began lining up at the auditorium doors before they opened at 8 p.m. Though the area was filled with excitement, a definite air of anxiety could be felt before students walked into the darkness of the Fright Night maze. The presence of a blood-covered, masked figure in surgical garb did not help those who scare easily.

Many students were excited to see what was different to the setup and room themes from the year before. Other students had never before experienced the fear in Fright Night.

“I love scary stuff, and it was a good way for me to get more involved in what was happening on campus,” freshman Claire Shetler said.

Fright Night may be over, but CAB has more events coming up this semester. To see more of what is going on, check out the ArgoPulse calendar and see how you can get involved.