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UWF’s Art Gallery presents works of graduating seniors in ‘Synthesis’ exhibit Kenny Detwyler

Contributing Writer

On Thursday, a new arts showcase took up residency in The Art Gallery (TAG) in the Center for Fine and Performing Arts. The “Synthesis” exhibit is a collection of artwork by six graduating seniors in the …

UWF students less than mile away from Bataclan on night of Paris terrorist attacks

Paris pic

Tommy To, UWF senior marketing major, poses with French policemen the day after terror attacks take place in Paris.
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pfizer viagra best buy now Cassie Rhame

Staff Writer

This past Friday, Nov. 13, marked a historically tragic day as Paris came …

Local Mexican restaurants offer authentic cuisine

viagra jelly price germany Tom Moore

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Photo courtesy of follow url Rio Bravo.

click here Rio Bravo, Cordova Mall

We all need that extra splash of spice added to our life. Whether it be a business, casual, or family meal, Rio Bravo is the place …

Little Free Libraries: Take a book, leave a book


A Little Free Library at Foxrun and Nine Mile roads.
Photo by viagra london drugs flyer Iqueena Hollis.

go Iqueena Hollis

Staff Writer

Little Free Library locations are popping up all over the city of Pensacola, and they offer a great way for anyone to …

Kevin Hines starts a conversation about mental illness with UWF students

source site Kevin-Hines-photo-Cracked-Not-BrokenEmily Doyle

Staff Writer

Kevin Hines, a known mental wellness speaker, inspired people with his story on Wednesday when he spoke at the University of West Florida.

“Cracked, Not Broken: The Kevin Hines Story” drew about 150 people to the …

Free speech, protest movements and your ‘Friends’ list Tristan Lawson

Staff Writer

Campus protests, marches and acts of civil disobedience like the ones happening now at universities and colleges across the country have not been seen since the 60s. A lot of things have changed since then, while …

Politicians’ manipulation of our emotions is nothing less than criminal


Bernie Sanders (left), Hillary Clinton (center) and Martin O’Malley (right) at the Nov. 15 Democratic primary debate.
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source site Josh Hart

Staff Writer

During the Nov. 15 Democratic presidential debate, noted talk-show dance-off champion and occasionally effective …

Driving in Pensacola is an exercise in frustration – with a few exceptions

follow link Tom Moore

Contributing Writer

I have lived here in Florida all my life. I took the huge leap when I left home to move from Allentown, near Milton, to Pensacola. Since it was nearly an hour commute one way, I …

UWF athletics weekly roundup Jason Dustin

Sports Editor

An Argonaut placed in the top third of the NCAA Division II cross-country national championships, the women’s soccer team’s 2015 season ended on a high note, and the volleyball team’s post-season mission commenced at home.


Kugelman Honors Program hits a fundraising sweet spot

Amanda Gerow

Staff Writer

The UWF Kugelman Honors Program held its 2nd Annual Chocolate Tasting on Saturday in the University Commons Auditorium.

The Chocolate Talk consisted of short presentations about the history of chocolate, the manufacturing process, and the tasting …