UWF football continues to improve

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Freshman quarterback Gunnar Ballant waits for the snap from the center during Saturday’s scrimmage.
Photo by enter site Grier Wellborn.

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http://mustadam.co/?x=viagra-reduced-sensitivity-to-a-drug The University of West Florida football team played its fourth scrimmage of the season on Saturday, Oct. 24, at University Park Field as part of Homecoming 2015.

best male infertility drugs clomid It was the first time the team has played back-to-back weekends.

Head coach Pete Shinnick said he knew that a back-to-back schedule would be tough on the players, but also wanted to help prepare them for next season when they will play 11 weeks in a row.

“I knew this would be hard to go back-to-back,” Shinnick said. “I knew it would be hard to create the same energy and excitement.

“But kind of like I told the team at the end, ‘hey, this is next year, this is every week,’ and that’s where they have to understand the maturity level that it takes, the expectation of what we have for them, and what we’re looking for.”

Shinnick said he gets a better sense of who can play at a higher level by examining who gives the same effort every week and who can grow with the team.

The offense was less productive than the prior scrimmage and may have been slightly worn out from last week’s game at Maritime Park Stadium. The defense was effective and proved that they are capable of shutting down the offense with great body and ball coverage.

Freshman linebacker Andre Duncombe was cheered in the post-game team huddle for his outstanding run and pass protection.

As for the offense, the position of starting quarterback remains open. Freshman quarterback Mike Beaudry was unable to play in Saturday’s scrimmage because of an injury to his elbow during the week. With Beaudry resting on the sidelines, freshmen quarterbacks Gunnar Ballant and Grey Jackson gained playing time.

Jackson has been sporting a red jersey on the field, indicating to other players to avoid physical contact with him. Jackson currently is recovering from an injury to his collarbone, which he sustained before the start of football camp. After being out for the entire month of August, and part of September, coaches have been easing Jackson back into games and working on his arm strength, which they say has been improving every week.

Shinnick said he has high expectations of Jackson, calling him the most elusive quarterback they have. Both Shinnick and Jackson say they believe that Jackson’s potential as quarterback outweighs his current stats on the field.

“I can’t be as aggressive,” Jackson said. “I have to be more of a pocket-style passer, and that’s not really what I do. Being able to run and make plays is a big part of what I do, and once the strength comes back in my arm, I’ll have a lot more confidence in my throws.”

Coaches said they hope Jackson recovers fully by the start of spring training to exhibit his full potential on the field.

The UWF Football team will conclude its 2015 intrasquad scrimmage schedule on Saturday, Nov. 7, at University Park Field.

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