Trump continues to gain following


Donald Trump as he announces his candidacy for the U.S. presidency at Trump Tower on June 16, 2016.
Photo courtesy of horses using lasix Christopher Gregory/Getty Images.

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depo provera drug contraindications with viagra Staff Writer Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has stirred up a lot of controversy over his candidacy, but does he really have a chance at getting the party’s nomination come time for the primaries?

viagra drug info For UWF students, the recurring response to this question was, “Oh God… I sure hope not.”

viagra drug interactions with antidepressants As faith fades for other conservatives such as Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee, Trump’s following only seems to grow. According to a poll from the New York Times/ CBS News, 39 percent of the Republican primary voters now view Trump as the most likely to win the spot as their nominee, as opposed to only 26 percent in August.

follow link While this may be a terrifying thought for some voters, others are not so shocked.

“For Donald Trump, there is no such thing as bad press,” sophomore computer science major Chris Rohrer said. “He spins every media interaction to his favor.”

Rohrer has a point that is shared by several publications, including Catholic Online, which stated: “Trump has said many things that have gotten him a lot of attention – and the resulting news coverage, especially from the left, who hates him – has given him untold millions in free publicity.”

The more we hear about Trump, the more lucrative his brand is. Steve Strauss from USA Today, in a response to a reader regarding bad publicity, said on their website: “I think there is a point where you can unfortunately discover how far you can go, because you finally went too far.”

There could be an argument here; a poll released last weekend by CNN claims that Trump’s points dropped from being up by 15 to a mere 10 after he ignored a man who called President Obama a Muslim in New Hampshire on Thursday. Though not enough to make a huge difference, this could foreshadow Trump eventually taking things too far and losing his lead.

His lashing out at Carly Fiorina in the second GOP primary debate was perhaps the cause of her ratings to spike immediately following the second Republican debate. Trump may need to watch that his comments do not continue to backlash causing another candidate to beat his ratings.

“Trump is anything but stupid,” Rohrer said. “He realizes he is not dealing with powerful people when he goes on stage, and sees that he is actually just performing for a crowd of inflated egos.”

Even as Trump leads the polls for whom Republicans would most like to see as the GOP candidate for president in 2016, his detractors still fail to see him as a real threat.

“The only way he has a chance is if the entire country takes all of his words for granted,” criminal justice sophomore Shawn Winchester said. “If you look into any of his claims, they don’t have any backing.”

The accuracy of Winchester’s statement is not up for debate for many, but there is a fair chance of Trump being the candidate that the GOP chooses.

Junior communications major Diamond Hadley agrees that Trump’s claims do not have backing, but also said she feels he may end up winning the party’s nomination.

“I feel like he will stay in for a while, and might even be the candidate that the GOP chooses, but I don’t think he has a chance of actually winning the election. I sure hope not,” Hadley said.

When asked about potential candidates who could beat Trump in the primaries, junior international studies major Emma Ryan said, “I can see Carly Fiorina jumping ahead of Trump pretty soon. I hope someone can pass him up.”

According to the most recent polls, Trump’s only real competition, as of late from the Republican side, is Ben Carson. This could be why more Republicans are finally viewing Trump as a serious candidate, as opposed to the start, when most execrated his straightforward style and focus on entertainment.

“I think it’s time to start taking Trump seriously, because he isn’t going anywhere soon,” said global marketing senior Jeremiah Luger. “I definitely think he has a chance at being their candidate.”