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Timothy O’Keefe promoted from interim dean

Iqueena Hollis
Staff Writer

W. Timothy O’Keefe, DBA, CPA was recently appointed the dean of the College of Business after being the interim dean since fall 2013.

O’Keefe, who is also the director of Graduate Programs and a professor of accounting at the university, graduated from Stetson University with a bachelors in business administration and obtained both a masters and doctor of business administration at Florida State University.

During his brief time at UWF, O’Keefe has created interactive programs for students in the College of Business.

“One great way of preparing our students for success after graduation is through high quality programs that prep them for the work force,” O’Keefe said.

Live Cases, one of the programs started by O’Keefe, was first reserved for graduate students and is now available for undergrads as well. In this program, students work with real companies and help solve problems in the business world.

Virtual Internships, also initiated by O’Keefe, allows students to work with companies and assist in the business world without leaving the classrooms at UWF.

The Executive Mentor Program of Northwest Florida is a program that was active before O’Keefe came to the university, however, he has been promoting and encouraging students to join it. Here students will be paired with mentors in the business field for one academic year. The mentors take students under their wings and show them the ropes of the business world.

“I appreciate the programs started by the faculty of the College of Business,” said Danielle Malone, who is majoring in Health Care Administration and minoring in business. “No matter what field I choose to pursue after graduation, the things I learn here will always be helpful.”

Before becoming the interim dean of the college of business at UWF, O’Keefe was a professor of accounting and the director of the Rochester-Nyenrode Executive MBA program at the Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands where he worked for five years.

Prior to that, O’Keefe was a part of the Emory University faculty for nine years and held the position of the director of the BBA program for three years.

“I chose to take the opportunity at UWF because of the type of school it is,” O’Keefe said. “Here we focus on teaching the students and really preparing them for success when they graduate.”

In addition to being a certified public accountant, he also has more than 1000 hours of experience in teaching management development and executive education programs. O’Keefe has also worked with a few international accounting and consulting organizations.

O’Keefe has visited various universities across the globe as a guest professor to present documents and studies in countries such as France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. He is also published in professional publications such as “The Tax Executive”, “Government Accountant’s Journal”, “CPA Journal” and the “Journal of Accounting and Finance Research.”